Friday, May 11, 2012

I drugged a man.

Yep, that's right... Somehow I've successfully kept a man inebriated long enough to commit to a monogamous relationship with yours truly.  Not knowing how long his admiration for alcohol might last, I've been taking full advantage of our time together.  What we've accomplished:

1. Robbing federal property
 (See photos below)

2. Couples Snowboarding 
(Me stuck at the top of a cliff while he attempts a 720 jib jab McStrudle)

3. Couples Mountain Biking
(I walk my bike up the hill, he patiently waits at the top for approx. 2 hours while i sweat out all the alcohol from the previous night)

4.  Trip to San Francisco to take me to see one of my favorite bands

5. Numerous other things that I'm sure are stacking up in his pile saying, "Head for the hills!"

*** We (I say "we", but if blame is to be placed, I mean "him.") found a condemned barn in the middle of nowhere in search for margaritas... armed with tecate we decided to fill our afternoon with urban exploring... this was the result.

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